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Welcome to PRIDE Workforce Solutions

We are Consultants providing a comprehensive range of professional HR services tailored to small and medium sized businesses. Based in Casa Grande, Arizona, we are ideally located to support businesses in Tucson, Phoenix and across South West Arizona.

How can Pride Workforce Solutions LLC help your business?

Businesses find themselves spending more and more time on activities relating to people management dealing on a day-to-day basis with functions like recruitment, staff performance, absenteeism, discipline or grievance issues and investigations. Managers and Directors spend a significant amount of their day dealing with these issues, which is very time consuming. By outsourcing part, or all, of the HR functions to Pride Consultants, you can take advantage of timely, qualified and experienced HR and employment compliance professionals, thus allowing your Managers and Leaders to spend quality time on strategic growth and financial performance of the business. From recruitment to managing people to ensuring accurate contracts, policies and procedures are in place, Pride HR can manage these functions for you effectively, whatever the stage of your business from startup to a long established company.

Think about the following:

Who is managing your HR activities currently?

Many small businesses pass HR functions to an office manager or finance director, this could be due to the fact that they manage payroll for the company. The internal candidate may have changed over time and, as a result, HR became more and more time consuming; whilst at the same time the individual lacks suitable training or experience. This can lead to costly errors or claims.

How can PRIDE Workforce Solutions help you?

Our work varies and is dependent on the nature of the business and employees within the company.  For clients with no HR department, Pride HR will ensure the business meets all of its legal requirements in relation to policies, contracts and regulations. We provide training and development, coaching and mentoring so your managers and leaders can deal with employee relations issues as they arise and become catalysts in delivering impressive results.

Would you like to improve productivity within your workforce?

Evidence shows that investing in employees, weather through communication and motivation or by recruiting the right talent for your business, can raise productivity and profitability. On the other hand, a problem employee can take up a great deal of management time and cause disruption to your workforce. Good employee relations are not simply “nice to have” but very important as they can directly impact employee engagement, job satisfaction, turnover and the overall future revenue of your business.

Allow us an opportunity to serve you.  Call us at: 520-560-6514.